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Single and Looking . . .

These dragons are looking for mates.

These are dragons for which I am looking for potential mates, so currently they are not breeding, just living a carefree lifestyle!

DO NOT Meddle In The Affairs Of Dragons,
for you are crunchy and taste good with


Adult dragons that I'm looking for the right mate.
These dragons are not currently breeding.

Species: Water
Name: Thridisvif
Gender: ♀ | Gen: (2nd)
Mate of: Thridhi
Adopt one today!
Species: Frilled
Name: Thridhi
Gender: ♂ | Gen: (2nd)
Mate of: Thridhisvif

Species: Guardian
Name: Andvarinautshringr
Gender: ♀ | Gen: (2nd)
Mate of: Andvarinaut
Adopt one today!
Species: Frilled
Name: Andvarinaut
Gender: ♂ | Gen: (2nd)
Mate of: Andvarinautshringr
Adopt one today!
Species: White
Name: Dottir af Hvitr Issogsnaer
Gender: ♀ | Gen: (3rd)
Mate of: Son af Blarissogsnaer

Species: Ice
Name: Son af Blarissogsnaer
Gender: ♂ | Gen: (3rd)
Mate of: Dottir af Hvitr Issogsnaer

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Abbreviations Key:
♀ = female
♂ = male
= 'extinct' (discontinued sprite) species
= uncommon species
= very uncommon species
= extremely uncommon species
= rare species
= very rare species
= holiday/seasonable species (all holiday dragons are considered rare to extremely rare.)
= desirable, rare or unusual lineage
(?) = unknown
Common to extremely common species are not marked.

See Which egg is which? for more information about rarity and/or dragons in general.

* Some of you might recognize some the names I've used for my dragons.  They are for the most part named after Norse gods and goddesses and of course the Valkyrie.  There are a few ''common'' names thrown in as well, because I'm running out of deities to name them after!  And yes, I realize that I've misspelled many of them.  That was intentional.  No two dragons can share the same name, therefore I had to get creative with some of the more popular Norse deities.

Any dragons I couldn't name after Norse gods, I've at least tried to stick to Old Norse (with the exception of a few lineage projects I'm involved with) or Icelandic (which is very close to Old Norse.)  When I've done this you'll notice that a rough translation pops up when you move your mouse pointer over the name . . .

. . . I also do not make any claims that my Old Norse is anywhere near accurate or correct.  I'm just stringing words together using translation guides.