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Welcome to the ''Mathom House'' section of my site!  What is a Mathom, and why do I call this page that?  A Mathom is a Hobbit term for an object that has some value, but has no real purpose or use.  Basically, a Mathom House is a little like a museum.  I call this page Mathom House because it is a place to put things I wish to share, but there is no other place for them.  Some of it could be deemed worthless I suppose, but I think these things have value, so here is where I will put them!

A Hobbit-term for an object of any value for which a use could not be found, but which the owner was not prepared to discard completley.  (In the peaceful years of the Shire between the Battles of Greenfields and Bywater, most weaponry was classed this way.)  Note: in the original (as opposed to translated) Hobbit-speech, the word for such an object was kast.

from The Tolkien Companion by J.E.A. Tyler


These are some of the tools I use to build my web pages:

This is the ''King'' of all graphics programs.  If your goal is to make top-quality images, this is THE program you want to use.  The downside is it is a very large program, so takes a long time to load, and it is very expensive!  It is also complicated to learn to use, so you will want to purchase a ''how to'' book (which is also pricy, and thick!)  But once you've mastered Photoshop, it's amazing the images you'll be able to churn out!


I use this program to edit 99% of the pictures I use.  The quality is sometimes a little less (very little) then Photoshop, but this programs loads SO much faster!  If you want to make a quick edit or good quality pictures (rather than excellent quality, though the difference to my eye is infinitesimal), this is definietly the better choice.


This is a fun little program.  It's main use is to make fancy, 3D images out of text.  It is especially handy for making titles, buttons or such for your web pages.


I've been using Homesite since version 1.2 to create my web pages!  Every webmaster has their preference of which editor to use, this one is mine.


If you have your own domain name, you will need a file transfer tool like this to upload your files to your site.  Most free sites have built-in tools for uploading files so you won't need this if you have one of those.

These are some of the tutorials I recomend to learn how to build web pages:

One long list of HTML tags, I find it a handy reference if I've forgotten a tag, or want to try something new!


This site was created to teach kids the basics of web design.  As such, it is a great place to start if you would like to learn HTML!  The basics of HTML are covered, plus how to build frames and tables, set up your own guestbook etc.  There are also some very handy tutorials to learning CSS and a little JavaScript.  I recommend this site to anyone who is just beginning their first site, or if you want to brush up on your skills if you've been building web pages for a while!


In my opinion, this is the best tutorial I've run across for learning HTML, and the more advanced things like CSS, PHP, SQL and so on.  The tutorials are easy to follow, have good explanations of what you're doing and why, and best of all, it's practical!  There is also a very handy reference section with tags, colors, color attributes etc. in it.


''Resources Around The Web'' - that pretty much sums this site up very well.  There are over 2,400 categorized links to help you find assistance on color charts, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript, Graphics, HTML, PHP, SSI, XHTML and much more.

Things I've found to be amusing, that I've picked up here and there:

Recently one of my friends, a computer wizard, payed me a visit.  As we were talking I mentioned that I had recently installed Windows Vista on my PC, I told him how happy I was with this operating system and showed him the Windows Vista CD.  To my surprise he threw it into my microwave oven and turned the oven on high.  Instantly I got very upset, because the CD had become precious to me, but he said: ''Do not worry, it is unharmed.''  After a few minutes he took the CD out, gave it to me and said: ''Take a close look at it.''  To my surprise the CD was quite cold to to the touch, and it seemed to be heavier than before.  At first I could not see anything, but then, on the inner edge of the central hole I saw a inscription, an inscription finer than anything I have ever seen before.  The inscription shone piercingly bright, and yet remote, as if out of a great depth:

%4F%6E%65%20%4F%53%20%74%6F%20%72%75%6C%65%20%74%68%65%6D%20%61%6C%6C%2C%20%4F%6E%65%20%4F%53%20 %74%6F%20%66%69%6E%64%20%74%68%65%6D%2C%0D%0A%4F%6E%65%20%4F%53%20%74%6F%20%62%72%69%6E%67%20%74 %68%65%6D%20%61%6C%6C%20%61%6E%64%20%69%6E%20%74%68%65%20%64%61%74%68%65%6D%20%61%6C%6C%2C%2F%E0

''I cannot understand the fiery letters,'' I said.  ''No but I can,'' he said.  ''The letters are Hex, of an ancient mode, but the language is that of Microsoft, which I shall not utter here.  But in common English this is what it says:''

One OS to rule them all,
One OS to find them,
One OS to bring them all and in the darkness bind them...

∴ I can not express how handy this tool is.  I use it several times a week at the
   least!  Go try it, you'll see what I mean . . .
   Down for everyone or just me?

∴ I just found out (nearly a year later) that I'm on YouTube!  Well, quoted anyway...
   kinda wish they'd asked me first, or just let me know they were going to quote
   and link me!
   Tinuviel by Amethystium

Web Page Building Tools  |  Web Page Building Tutorials  |  Fun Stuff